Statement zur Lage in Kurdistan


My Name is Selin Gören, I am one of the Spokeswomen of the Linksjugend, the youth organisation of the German Left Party.

First of all, I want to emphasize:
we are here for peace and unity.
And we are here to assure our friendship and solidarity.

As a Turkish citizen and a mother myself, I am deeply ashamed of the treatment my Kurdish brothers and sisters are experiencing from the Turkish State and how generations of mothers are losing their children because of the oppression.

We need to save the Kurdish community from this genocide, the war has to stop, now! I am not here to serve as a human protection shield, like the Turkish Media and even the German Government are saying, I am here as a human being who still believes in humanity.
Kurdistan shall not only survive – it shall flourish and prosper! But for this we have to stand together.

We appeal, not only to the United Nations, but to the German government and the European Parliament to immediately stop all of the Collaborations with the Turkish Government, Erdogan is threatening the Basic Civil Rights of every Kurdish person all over the World.
You have to face the real threat in this conflict:
It was the Turkish army that invaded Afrin and Manjib – with German tanks.
It was the Turkish state, that imprisoned, tortured and killed so many within northern Kurdistan.
And do not forget: It is the Turkish army, that is burning your forests and bombarding your soil.
This has to stop – the Kurdish people deserves peace!
The Kurdish people deserves to prosper!
There shall be red blossoms of pomegranates and heal the mark of the bombs.
They shall yield a rich harvest for you, your children and all generations to come.

Let Kurdistan survive – let it be known as the southern lands of plenty!

Defend Kurdistan.

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